General terms and conditions

Article 1 Responsibility for the toy
The toy is lent to parents and caregivers of children from 0 to 12 years old. The parents and caregivers have the responsibility to return the toys clean and complete. When lending, please check the toy yourself before taking it home (you can use the toy summary list for this). When returning the toy, the SpeelOké employee, together with you, checks and counts parts whether everything is complete.

Article 2 Subscibing, renewal and cancellation
Subscription takes place at SpeelOké. When subscribing, you must identify yourself with a valid I.D. (passport or drivinglicence). You must also pay the subscriptionfee for the first year. You will receive a subscription card and -number. Each year you need to renew your subscription. If you want to unsubscribe, SpeelOké will appreciate it if you inform us by e-mail ( Upon withdrawal, you will receive a confirmation of your cancellation by mail. In case of cancellation within a year, no refund will be paid. Subscribers who have not borrowed any toys anymore after the end of their subscription period will automatically be unsubscribed. Here too you will receive a message from us.

Article 3 Costs and number of toys to be borrowed per subscriber or with a giftcard
Per subscriber and per loan-period you can borrow up to 3 pieces of toys. For each toy you are borrowing, you pay a small fee. The amount of the fee depends on the purchase value of that toy, indicated by dots (1, 2 or 3 dots). The more dots, the higher the purchase value. You can pay this amount in cash or buy a ticket with multiple strips and pay the amount for a toy with one of more ticket strips. Purchasing multiple subscriptions is possible with a maximum of 2 per address. When you have received a giftcard, you can borrow toys with it on condition you can show your ID to SpeelOké. With this giftcard you can borrow 3 times without a subscription. You can buy up to 2 giftcards at a time. With this giftcard there is also a toy-limit per loan-period: you can borrow up to 3 pieces of toys each time.

Article 4 Loan-period, -extension and reservation
The toy loan-period of the toy is three weeks, excluding schoolholidays. You can extend the loanperiod two times (during opening hours of SpeelOké or by telephone), except for toys borrowed via a giftcard and toys that are reserved by other clients. The penalty for exceeding the loan-period is calculated per opening week. You can also reserve toys for a fee. You pay reservation costs per toy. As soon as the reserved toys are available for lending out, we will contact you.

Article 5 Toys damaged or missing (parts)
When returning the toy, we expect it to be clean and complete (so no parts are missing). If you return it damaged, dirty or incomplete, we must ask you to pay a fee for every part that is damaged or missing. When paying this amount, you will receive a receipt. If you return a missing item within 3 months, you will receive a refund of the amount on the receipt. If the toy is damaged irreversibly and is completely unusable or even lost, you will pay the day-value of the toy. You can also be asked to buy a new toy and replace it. Damage due to normal ‘wear and tear’ is not charged. The SpeelOké employees determine if this is the case.

Article 6 Liability
In case of damage to persons or things for which SpeelOké is liable, that liability shall be limited to the amount provided of the general liability insurance of SpeelOké. During the loan-period of the toy, SpeelOké is not liable for material damage or injuries following the use of the toy. SpeelOké accepts no further liability for any kind of damage incurred during the visit to the SpeelOké-location .

Article 7 Final provisions
During the opening hours, you must adhere to the generally applicable rules of conduct and follow instructions of the staff of the SpeelOké. These general terms and conditions may change at any time. If this is the case, the new general terms and conditions will be announced to subscribers of SpeelOké. In all cases where general terms and conditions do not provide a solution, the board of SpeelOké decides.